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Hello Everyone, We would like to thank you for visiting our website, and we would like to know that you are always welcome to this website. We are going to tell you the story of how this business began by giving you a background story of the owner.

When Diego was a child he had a passion to work on cars, His uncle worked on body repair for cars in Sandiego, and Diego loved helping his uncle clean vehicles. When the interior of the car was completed it gave him pride because he knew he had done an excellent job. Turning the car's interior from grimy to shiny, and looking like a brand new car was his way of knowing he had accomplished his goal. Knowing this made him proud of his work even at his young age. When Diego turned 15 years old his uncle asked him if he would like to know how to clean more that just the inside of the car. Because of his passion for cars Diego automatically said yes. His next job was learning how to clean the exterior of the car.

Diego was taught how to wax the outside of the car by hand.When he was comfortable waxing the car my hand he learned how to use a buffer. Learning how to use a buffer was hard so his uncle let him practice buffering his cars. When Diego learned to control and use the buffer his uncle taught hi how to know when a car needs a buffer, and how to use it. At 17 years old Diego had accomplished the full waxing of a car which consists of a cutting compound, a polish compound, and a regular wax on all vehicles, semis, boats, and RV's. Moving from California to Oregon state was a big deal for Diego at 18 years old. He worked as a cashier for a gas station, moved to construction, worked at a restaurant, and worked at a detailing job in Portland, Oregon as his very last job before this business. He worked at the detailing job in Portland for 8 months an decided to quit. His reason for quitting was because his boss was unappreciative of his work, and was in this business for the money, His boss made the business all about him, not about his customers, or even the employees. For his boss it was all about the money. He would lie to the customers by telling them they were getting great service, and Diego could not stand that any longer. He hates being lied to and believes that when you lie to someone you are lying to God. So after quitting that business he decided to start this one. At first it was hard because no one knew him, but he never gave up because he trusted and still trusts in God his Creator. He believe in helping people, and that is exactly what he does with this business. His prices are lower than anyone else's because he is there to help you get amazing work, not be lied to, and save money instead of becoming rich.

God blessed Diego with two beautiful, healthy children named Charles and Kaileigh, and this is what Diego says makes him the happiest and wealthiest man in the world. Diego values his family, customers, and himself. He is looking forward to doing business with you and once you get to know this company you will be calling for our services again and again. Whether it is for interior or exterior cleaning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

We hope to do business with you soon, May God bless you always.

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